Welcome. As people of God, Christians are called to act as stewards to God’s creation. But how? This website is designed to help people and churches discover how God is calling them to care for creation.

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  1. Uncle Jack says:

    This is marvelous. My main question is: Why is this being done by a High School student – why hasn’t this been done by already by adults? There are sites set up by and for environmental groups, but I don’t know of any that are set up for voluntary groups or organizations that have a different reason for being. This is where the fight to save our environment must be fought. Good show!

  2. Uncle Jack says:

    Is there some way you can set up a checklist so people can be reminded of the different things that they can do for the environment? The checklist could be set up on an app for mobile devices.
    Forty years ago, Wilson Clark wrote about ‘net energy accounting’ – the idea was that you should be aware of the costs of saving energy – e.g., turning off light bulbs saves electricity, but wears out a light bulb and causes a replacement to be manufactured. What is the break point in ‘make or save’? Your groups of ordinary people would be the best ones to think of various trade offs in our everyday lives.

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